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95% of text messages get opened and READ within 4-5 minutes of receiving them!


Before I go any further I want you to think about the possibilities of being able to send out a text message with your latest deals, specials or coupons to all of your customers.

Do you think that you could get some repeat business that way?

It’s been proven that text message campaigns typically average a 45% response rate!

Pretty crazy isn’t it?

Well I’ve got good news for you…

Getting a text message marketing system in place for your business is easier and probably less expensive than you could ever imagine.

We can help you set it up and manage it, but first… Let me tell you about how it works.

  • Customer gets offered an initial deal, but in order to get the deal they have to give us their mobile phone number.
  • They enter in there name, email and mobile phone number and in return we text them that deal. (for example, a 20% coupon code)
  • This is all handled by our company and you don’t have to worry about a thing!
  • Next time business gets slow, simply tell us another deal you want to run and put a time frame on it. (for example, “Buy one get one meal today only 6-9pm”)

You would be shocked by the amount of people you could bring into your establishment and it works in ANY industry.

If you’re ready to start today, enter your name, email and phone number up there on the right for quick demo of how we collect your phone number and text something to you. We’ll drop you a text with our phone number, so you can give us a call and set this up for your business today!

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