Should You Pay More Attention to Google My Business?

May 5, 2020

Should You Pay More Attention to Google My Business?

Finally after 8 attempts, with Google My Business, Google has a successful Social Network! At least for businesses…

And some businesses need to pay a lot more attention to GMB than they have to date, or their competition will swamp them. Is your business one of these?

For example, do prospective customers find your type of business by searching directly for a business by name? Or are they more often using a “discovery search” by product, topic, or business type?

A recent Bright Local study will help you discover the answer for your business, enable you to benchmark your business against industry norms, and begin to formulate an improvement strategy…

Enjoy, and take action!


Ken Johnstone

... is an Online Business Advisor and Media Producer with international experience. As well as his own projects, Ken works with selected Business Owners who aim to significantly grow their profits through their Digital Marketing Strategies. NEW: Proprietary "Funnel Mapping Software" for clarity in communicating business strategies.


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