Mobile Friendly? – How Does Your Website Look on a Mobile?

The online world is moving rapidly towards mobile devices as the main way to connect to online information and to friends & family.

The problem is that 99% of current websites are almost impossible to read or navigate on a mobile device other than a tablet. Want to see for yourself?

We’ve just made a new tool available so you can simply check how mobile-friendly your current website is.

There are 2 versions: 

1. DYLBO MobiView

Click the link above, then follow the instructions. You’ll be able to choose to view your website as on a tablet or smartphone.

2. DYLBO MobiView 2-Phone Comparison

Click the link above, then follow the instructions.

You’ll be able to compare how your website looks on a SmartPhone compared with a website designed to be mobile-friendly.

For example, here are some website url pairs – a normal website, and its mobile-friendly version. Copy the urls below then paste  into the boxes in “Step 1” on the 2-Phone Comparison page: and and
Note that the DYLBO MobiView displays are only simulations, so features on the websites which use the mobile’s functions probably won’t work. But you’ll see the difference a mobile version can make.

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