Basic Video Optimisation Formula for Your Youtube Videos

April 22, 2021

Introducing Video Marketing

There are three distinct tasks to creating and publishing a video online to effectively promote an event or special offer:

  1. Create your video and upload to your preferred video distribution platform; for example, YouTube, Vimeo, etc
  2. Optimise your video so it will rank higher, and so be more easily found
  3. Syndicate your video to place it amongst a wider audience and create links back to your main video platform

Here we’ll summarise the basic steps to optimise your video

Why Optimise your video?

To gain a wider reach and more exposure so your video can be more easily found by your target audience…

  • in search results on Youtube
  • in the search engine results such as on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Our Basic Optimisation Formula

Before you publish, be clear on the following:

Objective: Purpose of the video – Promote an event, offer, or other item from a local business

Call to Action: What do you want your viewers to do in response to watching the video?
– typically to request more info, download something, or to contact you.

Target Keywords: Are you promoting your brand, and/ or a specific offer? Organisations serving a local community show always include their location (city, town).
[keyword 1] [keyword 2] [keyword 3], [location] (and combinations where appropriate)

Youtube Title

Include the main target keyword in a short attention-getting phrase.

Youtube Description

Line 1: Landing page url; Contact phone; Business Name & Location
– if your main objective is branding, use your home page url; if promoting an offer, enter the landing Page for the offer or event.

Line 2: Description of the purpose & content of your video in terms of its value to your viewers; Include the main target keyword, and 1-2 other keywords

Line 3: Call to Action
Such as – Tap for more information, Call us on [phone number], Download this voucher,
contact [name], Landing page url

Include a link to your most relevant Playlist for the target audience for this video

Line 4: Organisation name, address, & phone number (and/or email)

Youtube Thumbnail Image

Watch this excellent video by Mike Winger “I’m Finally Understanding Clickable Titles and Thumbs

Youtube Tags

[keyword 1] [keyword 2] [keyword 3]
[location keyword 1], [location keyword 2], [location keyword 3]

Example – Based on an offer for Social Covers from DYLBO digital media

Objective: Promote a free offer of Social Covers as a Marketing Service, and the DYLBO digital media brand

Call to Action: “get a free cover design that can help you engage and convert more customers”

Target Keywords: Facebook Cover, Social Cover, Video Marketing Service, Video Marketing Service Scotland, Video Marketing Service Stranraer

Youtube Title

FREE Facebook Cover Offer

Youtube Description 07714 026 224 DYLBO digital media Stranraer
Special Offers…

Good News!!!
We have a Limited time offer right now to help businesses like yours engage more customers with their social media. Many brands and businesses don’t realise that their social covers at the top of their social media listings are like a big billboard that take over 50% of their page.

You can easily convert customers and engage your followers by using your social cover to:

  • make special offers
  • brand your products
  • market your five-star reputation
  • announce new services
  • and so much more.

If you’re not already using Social Covers for your business in this way, this is the perfect time to get a free Facebook cover design that can help you engage and convert more customers. (A regular £375 Value.)

And if you haven’t taken the time to brand your social media to match your website, then you definitely want to take advantage of having us design a free Facebook cover to help you look professional and to market your brand.

For more information:

DYLBO digital media
20 Trades Court
Stranraer DG9 7BJ
07714 026 224

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Youtube Tags

Facebook cover, Social media, social media cover, DYLBO digital media Stranraer, 5 star reviews, DYLBO digital media Stranraer Reviews, Stranraer Reviews



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