GDPR Online Information Audit (Special Offer)

What do we do?

We carry out an information audit with you in 3 steps, as follows:

  1. Online Questionnaire - which you complete and submit
  2. Schedule an Interview Call to clarify and discus your questionnaire response
  3. We Audit your online properties, according to the scope agreed following steps 1&2 above, and provide an Implementation Plan

How could this help you?

  • Save you time by guiding you through the huge volume of information (and too often mis-information) on GDPR
  • Protect your existing investment in any policies & procedures you already have in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act
  • Identify new financial, operational or reputational risks, as a result of the GDPR legislation
  • Provide a tailored implementation plan, customised to your organisation to prepare your organisation for GDPR compliance.
  • Provide a model to help you quickly learn what other actions you may feel appropriate for your paper-based personal data records, policies and procedures

What will this cost?

Our fee for the Audit service, including Implementation Plan, is £70 + VAT per website

What Can We do With the Findings of the Audit?

The outcome of these steps is GDPR Readiness Implementation Plan which you can implement yourself, or outsource.

We will include a quotation for our services in case you feel you'd like our help with implementation of the Plan.



20% tax