GDPR - Domain Validation SSL Certificate & Installation
Where an SSL Certificate is not already in place, for information-only websites, ie no financial transactions, a simple “Domain Validation” level SSL Certificate should be installed. 
This meets the GDPR requirement for technical security (provides data encryption) of data transfers between a user's browser and your website. It also provides validation of domain ownership which helps to reinforce your organisation’s trustworthiness.
In addition, it helps protect your online visibility in the light of Google policy changes due to come into effect in July 2018. Google has stated they will rank webpages lower in their search results if the website does not have a valid SSL Certificate installed correctly.
If you would like us to install a suitable Domain Validation SSL certificate, the total cost would be £45 + VAT per year.
Note: For e-commerce websites an Organisation Validation or Extended Validation SSL Certificate is required
[Click here for more information on SSL Certificates and Website Security]
£9.00 (tax)
Total: £54.00